Members Gather for Labour Conference

Tomorrow the Labour Party Conference will start in Brighton, where the event will culminate with the newly elected leader Jeremy Corbyn making his maiden speech to Labour Members. Thousands of delegates from around the country will meet in the coming days to discuss policy and how Labour can win the 2020 general election. Many of those who are attending the conference did not vote for Corbyn, so the next few days are key to rebuilding the Labour party after the recent General Election loss. There are many ways Corbyn will try to gain trust of all his members, some see him as a radical left leader, with strong views on Trident Nuclear Missiles and Austerity, he will be under pressure to soften his position on many issues.
Today has been the start of the Labour Women’s Conference with key talking points being that the new shadow cabinet has, for the first time ever, a majority of women taking positions. The Labour party say they are committed to equality and tackling the pay gap between men and women, as well as trying to implement Corbyn’s new kind of politics’ by trying to attract more women into the male dominated world of Politics.
Sunday will see the start of the Young Labour Conference, where discussions will be focused on how to rally and engage the thousands of new ’supporters’ who joined to vote in the Leadership election (particularly for Corbyn), with voter turnout among the under 24’s is the lowest among the age groups. Corbyn’s apology for the introduction of tuition fees and his promise to abolish them is sure to be a vote winner among students in particular, as well as his attacks on David Cameron’s ‘living wage’, which don’t apply to people under 25.
The key topics that are to be debated for the rest of the Conference are going to debated are the Economy, the Rebuilding of the Party and Fairer Public Services. Conference gives a chance to local members to question the leaders of their party by voting for policy, as well as attending fringe events debating issues that affect them.
Walker Darke – Live from Brighton for the Express and Star.

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